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State health insurance for uninsured foreignersState health insurance for uninsured foreigners

Meanwhile, the free hospital treatment of foreigners (30 THB scheme) living permanently in Thailand has been cancelled At first, no new hospital cards were issued to foreigners, later around mid-September 2013, also the foreigners who were already in possession of this card, were denied free treatment.

With the expiry of the free hospital treatment, however, a new low-cost health insurance for protection of permanently in Thailand residing foreigners was created.

State health insurance for uninsured foreigners has been cancelled! (Nov 2014)

This new cheap, state health insurance can be obtained at the local state hospital of your residence. The yearly premium amounts to 2200 THB. Additionally, a preliminary investigation is obligatory and costs 600 THB. In addition to the measurement of weight, height and blood pressure, a blood and urine lab test and X-raying of the chest will be performed. For children, this investigation is not required. Health_Card_SampleThe yearly premium for a child is 365 THB.

There are no restrictions regarding the age of entry or on pre-existing medical conditions. Only alcohol and drug abuse, as well as syphilis or tuberculosis will lead to rejection.

The permanent residence in Thailand has to be demonstrated. This can be done giving proof of marriage with a Thai partner and then over inscription in her/his blue house book or one’s own yellow house book.

I would like to point out that this information is based on Reports of friends and that it is quite conceivable that this is handled differently across the country. Please note that at the moment not all hospitals have the necessary links and programs in place yet.

Hereunder list of hospitals of which we have confirmed successful issuance of cards to foreigners.

All data provided without guarantee!

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