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Internet in ThailandInternet in Thailand

The rapid growth of internet usage can lead to extreme bottlenecks, if the provider is not quick enough in advancing his net development. The lack of data transmission rates, turns surfing the internet into agony. It is therefore helpful to be able to fall back on recommendations of friends and acquaintances. The price should not necessarely be the primary criteria for your choice of provider.


In many countries, ISDN has displaced the older technology of equalised analogue landlines, with these circuits being phased out by telecommunications providers. ISDN deals with a special telephone connection, which needs special telephone systems and/or telephone apparatus. The data transmission rate is, with 64 k bit, faster than a connection by modem. Compared with ADSL the possible speed is nevertheless very modest. The technology is also more expensive than with ADSL. For companies, who want to operate an ISDN telephone system, ISDN makes sense. However the private user will probably prefer ADSL.
More information is available at Wikipedia.


In the meantime, the possibility to receive quick internet access using ADSL exists almost everywhere in Thailand. In the early days of ADSL, deployment used to be with an existing telephone line, now they prefer its own line.
More information is available at Wikipedia.


DOCSIS - TV network

Thai cable TV network providers have finally noticed that their infrastructure can be used and is suitable for providing internet connections. A splitter separates the TV cable between the television and the so-called cable LAN adaptor. This adaptor then allows internet communication with the PC.
More information is available at Wikipedia.
Provider: true online


As substitute for ADSL, Mobile broadband Internet is better. Satellite-Internet-ipstar is slow in the comparison to ADSL. I think it is ideal for cruise-ships for example.
More information is available at Wikipedia.
Provider: ipstar Service Providers

Mobile broadband Internet

Mobile broadband is a wireless Internet access for smartphones, tablets or Notebooks with portable modem. In the meantime, the possibility also exists for surfing the Internet even if no ADSL is available. With Tethering or a mobile broadband modem, also a PC can use this internet. Tethering allows sharing the Internet connection of smartphones or tablets with other device such as notebook or pc. More information is available at Wikipedia.
Not really flat rate pricing! After a certain data-quantity, it becomes verry slow!


  • GPRS
    According to the provider, this technology should be nearly three times faster than a normal modem connection (up to 153 kbps). Experiments carried out in Germany proved practical results of 60-70 kbps.
    More information is available at Wikipedia.
  • EDGE
    Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution, or EDGE, is a digital mobile phone technology which acts as a bolt-on enhancement to GPRS networks. EDGE can carry data speeds up to 236.8 kbit/s for 4 time slots in packet mode.
    More information is available at Wikipedia.
  • 3G
    3G technology has a connection rate of max. 7.2 Mbps.
    More information is available at  Wikipedia.
    ais      dtac      truemoveH     tot3G
  • 4G (LTE)
    4G, is the fourth generation of mobile telecommunications technology, succeeding 3G. 4G technology has a connection rate of max. 100 Mbit/s.

    More information is available at Wikipedia.
    Provider:  ais      dtac      truemoveH

Find the best network in your area:


Modern notebooks are usually equipped with integrated components to use the internet in a cordless network company. Normal Desktop-PC's can of course be re-equipped to accept this technology. In the vicinity of some hundred meters around the WiFi hot spots, wireless contact with the internet is possible. Most WiFi hot spots are to be found in Bangkok as well as in tourist centres (airports, large hotels)

The following homepage offers a location list of the WiFi hot spots:

With following links you can determine the current data transmission rate:

Problems with e-mail despatch

Sudden problems when despatching e-mails have been occurring for a while now. Instead of the e-mail being despatched, the attempt is recorded with an error report. This only happens when e-mail programs are used (Outlook and Co). The despatch of e-mails through a browser (IE, Firefox and Co.) and a web interface is not affected. The cause of the problems is usually that the internet service provider (ISP) has blocked port 25 for the customer.
Change the settings of your e-mail program [more]


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