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Only items of news which have an effect on the lives of foreigners living in Thailand, e.g. law changes in foreigner’s rights and economical forecasts, are included in this section. Other daily news (deaths, murders) are only given in special cases.

Two new holidays announced
The nation will have two new public holidays starting this year, on July 28 and Oct 13, while May 5 will no longer serve as Coronation Day, the government announced Tuesday. Source: Bangkok Post 12. April 2017

State health insurance for uninsured foreigners has been cancelled

An English-Thai housing/shop rental contract
On the page you can download a free, multilingual housing/shop rental contract that you can use to rent from a Thai landlord. You can choose from a bilingual English-Thai contract and a trilingual German-English-Thai contract.

State health insurance for uninsured foreigners
With the expiry of the free hospital treatment, however, a new low-cost health insurance for protection of permanently in Thailand residing foreigners was created. [more]

Google online translation tool now with Thai language
The Google online translation tool translates text and web pages (Thai, English, German, French).

Bangkok Post: Swimmers warned of box jellyfish
The Marine and Coastal Resources Department has warned of box jellyfish attacks after the highly venomous species was found off Koh Phi Phi in Krabi province. The box jellyfish is not common in Thai waters. So far two deaths in Thailand have been attributed to the jellyfish. People swimming in the sea where box jellyfish are present should exercise caution.  Box jellyfish are known for their powerful venom, which has caused at least 5,567 recorded deaths since 1954. Vinegar is the best solution to reduce the pain from a jellyfish sting before the victim is sent to hospital. Water should not be used, as this increases the pain.

Melamine in food [more]

Government guarantees on bank deposits droped
The Deposits Protection Act B.E. 2551 (effective on August 11, 2008) will limit the amount of the guaranty with the use of a systematic tier approach.
...from 11 Aug 2012 onwards 1 Million protected

Smoking bans expanded
The current prohibition which exists against smoking in publicly accessible and air conditioned areas (e.g. restaurants), has been expanded as of February 17th, 2008 to include the areas (e.g. bar, discos) which had been previously been exempt.

Obligatory register of 10 000 Euro upon exit/entry of the EU
Starting from 15th June 2007 travellers are obliged to inform the customs office in writing, without being asked, if they are carrying cash over 10.000 Euros when entering or exiting the EU. Any cheques, traveller’s cheques and bonds etc. are also viewed as cash. Infringements of this rule will be dealt with hefty penalty fines.

The EU has increased the exemption limit
The EU has decided that travellers on airplanes and ships may enter Europe from countries outside the EU with goods up to a value of 430 Euros without incurring any import taxes. Starting from 1 December 2008.

Indirect acquisition of land by foreigners
using a limited company is no longer possible

As possession of land by foreigners is generally prohibited, many people tried to indirectly attain land in the past by setting up a limited company. From 25th May 2006, this legally questionable trick is no longer possible. When transferring the deeds of a piece of land to a limited company, the land authorities check if Thais own the majority of the company and if they have really brought capital into the company and therefore check that they are not simply a middle man. Existing companies are not yet directly affected by the regulation. It is, however, not to be excluded from the possibility a future inspection.

Immigration police online forms available to download
The immigration police offer many forms as downloads. The forms are written in Word and can therefore be filled out on the PC and printed out.

Tsunami flood catastrophe

Cheaper calls abroad (7 Baht per minute)
CAT Telecom Thailand drastically reduced their eFone tariffs on 5 July.

Thailand introduces “Ombudsman”
Following the Scandinavian example, Thailand has now introduced a complaints board for its citizens. Everyone can put their administration complaints forward.

    Office of the Ombudsman
    The Government Complex Commemorating His Majesty the King's
    80th Birthday Anniversary 5th December, B.E 2550(2007)
    5th Floor, B Building, 120 Chaengwattana Road,
    Laksi District, Bangkok 10210, Thailand

BUPA Blue Cross guarantees life long health insurance
The BUPA Blue Cross has given written confirmation to persons who have held a long-term health insurance policy, up to the age of 60, who have been continually insured, that they are guaranteed a life long insurance policy. New policies are guaranteed only up until 70 years of age.
BUPA Blue Cross - see also category health insurance

Driving license for foreigners – now with 5 year validity
Foreigners who need to renew their driving permit may now apply for a 5 year driving license.

Points system for traffic offences introduced
From January 2002 Thailand has introduced a points system for traffic offences. Dependent upon the seriousness of the offence, points between 10 and 40 are assigned.  If 60 points are reached, a driving 90 day driving ban is enforced. Drivers who commit the same offences twice or more in one year must take part in driver training.

Controls for firms with foreign shareholders
In march, in the German speaking Thai press, it was reported that the authorities want to carry out checks on all Thai firms with foreign shareholders. This should reduce the practice of foreigners getting around the law and obtaining land in Thailand (which is forbidden) by founding a company. How serious this is, remains to be seen. Threatened measures are often not seen through by the authorities.

Teachers are not allowed to hit anymore
Even if your child will be educated at a Thai school, you do not need to worry about physical corporal punishment of your child in the future. Starting from 1 November 2000, teachers may no longer strike their pupils in Thailand. Thailand’s education minister Somsak Prissananthakul has now fortunately forbidden this inglorious educating method in Thai schools.

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