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Radio/TV via InternetRadio/TV via Internet

If the programs on offer over antenna are not enough, there is always the possibility of receiving further TV/radio show over the internet. However you should reckon with insufficient TV picture quality with a normal modem connection. ISDN, or even better, ADSL should be able to provide the required range to produce a decent picture. Unfortunately you must give up your online time while receiving the program. The telephone line is obviously blocked when using a modem. With ADSL you are still reachable by telephone during your complete internet time. The high band range allows a decent picture and is generally quick when using the internet. You can find out if ISDN or ADSL is available in your area through your local internet provider representative. A modem is however perfectly acceptable for receiving domestic radio programs.

The video recorder on the internet

Different internet providers offer the service of it being possible to record most TV programs from the supplier’s server and then to download them onto your own PC. Due to the fact that video data is a lot of data to download, you will definitely need an ADSL internet connection without any limited time (Flat rate).


Internet TV stations world-wide DeliCast

My past experiences with Internet-Radio

Surf music:
I listen to SWR3, which is my local radio station in Germany and always plays current and good music. This station and most other interesting German language radio stations, as well as a massive choice of international stations, are available on the internet.

Freeware program for Internet Radio/TV-Programs

Screamer Radio:

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